Custom Publishing

A custom publication is not advertising, it’s marketing.

It is designed to build relationships and establish trust and loyalty with a tightly targeted audience—be they your customers, potential customers, professional colleagues, or a mixture thereof.

The custom publication provides a broad arena in which to establish your brand, express your values, and position your company as an authority in your given field.

The carefully crafted content will directly address your audience’s interests, needs and lifestyle while subtly imparting your company’s values and goals. By providing information and advice, rather than the overt selling of products or services that advertising accomplishes, you will more fully capture the attention and interest of your target market.

The custom publication allows you to establish a high level of engagement with readers. It is especially useful for conveying difficult and complex messages to an audience.

The stories told within the custom publication’s pages will personalize its sponsor and set it apart from competitors. This is the venue where you can convey your devotion to community action or explain the fine points of your expertise. Our editorial and marketing staff will work with you to identify impediments to your goals as well as potential areas that will retain and draw customers. Stories will be crafted to clear up misconceptions and to spotlight new or little-known services.

Typically, the editorial process involves interviews with members of the sponsoring organization’s staff, so that stories are told through their voices, making them and your organization the authoritative source for the information imparted.